Javier Ricardo Sotres Porres

Weight: 178 lb Eyes: Brown
Height: 5.77 ft Hair: Brown

TWELFTH NIGHT             Sir Toby, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Stephen Heatley
DIANA, THE HUNTRESS  Bus Driver, BNP, Vancouver Cathy Rexford
CARL WILLIAMS                 Chris, BNP, Vancouver John Dickinson
WHAT'S NEW?                     Raymond/David, BNP, Vancouver Daniel Tessy
THE SEAGULL                     Sorin, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Kathleen Duborg
LOVERS; WINNERS            Man, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Dennis Gupa
KING STAG                          Brighella, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Chris McGregor
THREE ORANGES               Pantalone, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Chris McGregor
PICNIC                                  Howard Bevans, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Stephen Malloy
SECRETS                               Chemical Barista, Theatre at UBC, Vancouver Stephen Malloy
PIRATES                                The Suit, Quimera Collective, Vancouver Matthew Willis
LADIES                                  Mascarille, Theatre at UAM, Mexico Veronica Contretas

IT'S A LAMP!                        Jim, Kristin Weaver Productions,         Kristin Weaver
MERCURY FALLING          Diego, Theatre & Film at UBC,           Tom Scholte 

Acting:         Stephen Malloy (UBC) David Mamet unit
                    Stephen Heatley (UBC) Chekhov unit
                    Tom Scholte (UBC) Shakespeare & Acting for camera units
                     Sandra Ferens (UBC) Performance studies
                     Sarah Rodgers (UBC) Pinter unit
                     Julie Howgate (Vanarts) Monologue & scene studies
                     Catriona Leger (UBC) Creating theatre & Bouffon units
                     Chris McGregor (UBC) Mask & Commedia dell'arte units

Voice &        Gayle Murphy (UBC)
Speech:         Brad Gibson (UBC)

Movement:   Catherine Burnett (UBC)

Dance:          Catherine Burnett (UBC) 
                     Jim Hibbard (Tap Intro, Harbour Dance Center)
                     Jose Luis Jimenes (Salsa, Rock & Roll, Mexico)

Martial Arts: Kendo 4 and a half years, Wiggle ears, Spanish: Mexican Accent, Tap, Crow Call, Whistle, Burp on cue, Read German, Snore on cue