CritQuest is a podcast where a bunch of dorks with little to no experience with D&D (Ainsley, Emma, Javier, and Tommy) play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition run by someone with no experience running a campaign (Chris) and everyone hopes for the best. Trust us, it's going to be interesting. And maybe infuriating.”

In this fun Podcast I’m playing the Drow Fighter ‘Detrust Skylia’. Hope you listen to us on iTunes or at https://critquest.libsyn.com/

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On a back country road outside the hamlet of Duggan Hill, Saskatchewan, a woman named Sasha Ismond goes missing without a trace.  

She had been travelling from Vancouver for the past day, and was mere minutes away from her father's home.

The last person she spoke to was her former partner, Zoe, a journalism student at the University of British Columbia. 

This is a collection of recovered audio recordings from the subsequent investigation into her disappearance, recorded during the summer of 2015.

Duggan Hill is created by Andy Garland and produced by Time Signal Productions. “

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