Looking back at 2016

Well, it's the first day of the new year and I have to say, it's been a ride! Last year was full of all things theatre, from acting and designing to stage managing, it was a fantastic and fun year!  

Summary of highlights. Was part of 5 shows, of which "RED" by Aenigma Theatre got into Vancouver Presents' top 10 plays of 2016 and "The Orbweaver" which got into Colin Thomas' top 10 list of Theatrical Experiences of 2016.


In the acting department, I was fortune enough to be part of a new show by And Garland, "Juice". I played a variety of shows in "The Laramie Project" and finished the year by working with the Playwright Theatre Centre's "Island",  part of their Playwright Colony workshop! 

In the design department I had the pleasure to work with the Aenigma Theatre team again after two years of sound design hiatus. We put on "RED"  by John Logan, which earned a spot in "Vancouver Presents" top 10 plays of 2016! I was also fortunate enough to assist with the sound design of "Romeo E Giulietta" by Il Centro Players and "Comfort Cottages" by Western Gold Theatre. 

Dress rehearsal photo of  "RED", by Aenigma Theatre, photo by sotresjr-photography.com

Dress rehearsal photo of  "RED", by Aenigma Theatre, photo by sotresjr-photography.com

In the Stage Management department, I worked with Il Centro Players and their rendition of "Romeo e Giulietta" and also with the wonderful production of "The Orbweaver", a Mexican theatre production which just got into the top 10 Vancouver plays list of Colin Thomas, one of the most respected and influential critics of the Vancouver theatre scene!

Archival photo of "The Orbweaver" by Once Once Producciones. Photo by sotresjr-photography.com 

Archival photo of "The Orbweaver" by Once Once Producciones. Photo by sotresjr-photography.com 

Last but not least, I took my first class with On The Mic Training and it was an absolute blast! I'm really looking forward to keep on wiring with them on 2017!  

I'm really looking forward to this year and all the crazy adventures it may present! And regardless of what those are, one thing is for sure... I'm already working with the amazing team of K.I.A Productions and the members of Gas Pedal Productions on our next big project! Look forward for more in the next couple months!  

Closing Night, "The Laramie Project"

For the past three months I've been working with Tomo Suru Players on "The Laramie Project" and tonight will be our closing night! 


This had been a very different process from what I'm use to and I've learned a lot of it. The main thing is, I'd love for the run to be longer.


It has been great to share this story with my castmates and all the people who have been able to join us for the run. 


So,  here we go! One last run as part of this great cast!

The Dumb Waiter

Next week my most current production will open! "The Dumb Waiter" by Harold Pinter, directed by the fantastic Keltie Forsyth!

It's been a couple weeks since I closed my last show and the day right after closing night, I started rehearsals for this amazing production! Which will be showcased from April 16th through April 18 in the Dorothy Somerset Studio! And it's FREE!

It has been a great process and I cannot wait to share it with all of the people who can come to watch it!

Opening week!

Another week, another show, another opening night! This Thursday I will finally be performing "The Quizmaster"!

I'm very excited for people to come out and see Brave New PlayRites this year, especially, because of the one man show I have been working on for the past month! 

It's been an amazing rehearsal process. Challenging, but very rewarding. This is the first time in years that I perform a one man show. And this is the most intense I've ever rehearsed a one man show for that matter! 

My director, John Dickinson has been amazing to work with, very supportive and very creative during this process, something that I really appreciate about him and his work ethic.

My hope now, is that people come out to see the show and support local theatre in Vancouver!

Hope to see you on either Thursday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:00pm or Sunday at 7:30pm at Studio 1398 on Granville Island!

Festival Dionysia Photoshoot!

Last night I had the privileged to take photos of the 2015 Festival Dionysia!

This is my third overall time involved with the festival and the second time I take photos for ir. The festival started tonight at 7:30 in the Dorothy Somerset Studio at UBC and will have performances until Sunday. If you want more info on the dates, please, feel free to click here!

Just like any other year, what you can expect out of this theatrical even are six shows every night, divided by a 15 minute intermission.

Last night during their dress rehearsal I had the fortune to snap some photos of the event! I hope you'll look forward to them!

In any case, if you are in the Vancouver area, come out and support these amazing artists!

If you want to see some photos from last year's festival, feel free to check them here!

Have a fantastic night!

The end of a project

Last night was the final performance of "The Bacchae 2.1" and my final main stage show at the Frederic Wood Theatre as a BFA acting student.

I thought it was one of the best three performances we've had throughout the 12 day run of the show. Definitely worth of a closing night show.

I'm very grateful to all my castmates, the incredible crew, designers, stage management team and of course to our dear director, Dennis. It was an incredible experience to be able to work with him again and to be part of his vision. 

For now, to move on to the next project! Quizmaster.

Photo Credit: Tim Matheson


The Bacchae is still going on until next Saturday. However, tomorrow afternoon will be the start of my newest project!

I was recently able to audition for Brave New PlayRites 2015 and got cast in this year's show "Quizmaster" Directed by John Dickinson.

I've worked with John in the past as a sound designer and as an actor, so needless to say, I'm extremely happy to start working on this project with him! Stay tune for more on the matter!

Naked Cinema: Mercury Falling

Back in April of 2014, one of our acting teachers told us that, instead of putting on a show with him, we were going to create our own movie. Our assignment was to think of 5 real people over the summer, talk about them in class, share them with our classmates and from there, create a character.

September came by and me and my classmates started talking about the people we thought of. Our director told us what he liked and put us into clusters. From then, we started creating scenes through improv! 

November arrived and we started the shooting of the first UBC's acting program movie, ever!

And today, January 26, 2015, is opening night of this amazing project! I can't believe how fast time went by and that we are here about to open a film that took about 5 months to be completed, from creating the script to editing. 

Thank you very much to all of the people who worked with us and made this possible!

The Bacchae 2.1

For the past couple of months I've been working with most of my classmates in the most recent UBC's production.

The Bacchae 2.1 is an amazing script directed by Dennis Gupa, who has behind him some of the most amazing designers and production team that UBC has to offer!  

It has been a pleasure to work on this production with all the people involved and I can't wait to share this with an audience!