Naked Cinema: Mercury Falling

Back in April of 2014, one of our acting teachers told us that, instead of putting on a show with him, we were going to create our own movie. Our assignment was to think of 5 real people over the summer, talk about them in class, share them with our classmates and from there, create a character.

September came by and me and my classmates started talking about the people we thought of. Our director told us what he liked and put us into clusters. From then, we started creating scenes through improv! 

November arrived and we started the shooting of the first UBC's acting program movie, ever!

And today, January 26, 2015, is opening night of this amazing project! I can't believe how fast time went by and that we are here about to open a film that took about 5 months to be completed, from creating the script to editing. 

Thank you very much to all of the people who worked with us and made this possible!